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The DeJesus Process

Take A Look At Our Process From Start To Finish



Your Time is Valuable

That's why working with DeJesus is quick and simple.

No more sitting around for months on end waiting to get your work done.

Talking on the Phone

Schedule an Estimate

After you fill out our form, one of our estimators will call you to setup a visit. Or, you can call us directly

Young Architect


Our estimator visits your job site and walks you through your quote step by step. 

Your Work is Scheduled

As soon as your deposit is collected, your job is scheduled within the next 2 weeks


The Job is Done

Our crew arrives and within 2 days, your job is complete (weather permitting!)


Our Quality Guarantee

In our industry, consumer protection means everything. That's why we stand by our work 100%  of the time. The first year after installation is the most important in the asphalt industry. This is when the setting and settling takes place, and when any errors might show themselves. For one full year after installation, you're completely covered against cracks, sinking, and major puddling. 

Well, what about after the first year? After the asphalt is settled, any damage that appears in the driveway is going to be caused by some sort of damage being done to the driveway. And that's ok, because we can cover that too!


DeJesus is now offering 3 and 5 year extended warranty plans. These cover common damages that can occur over time, lik if you drop a heavy object in your driveway and create a hole. Ask your estimator about our extended coverages, and they'll be happy to give you the full details.

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